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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Share a Star: brightening the lives of poorly children and young people

Jessica, Share a Star founder, and I’s paths only crossed recently. She saw I was going through a hard time and, with her generous heart, asked if I’d like to be a star. I knew little about Share a Star at the time, having only had a brief read of the website and having seen children and their gifts popping up on Facebook on a regular basis, but I, of course, accepted and how glad am I that I did. 

A few weeks after becoming a star, I ended up in hospital, one of three stays in July. It was a hard few admissions, with one disaster to another, including me falling out of bed and breaking my hip. I am still getting over all that has happened. But then a huge box arrived. My carer helped me open it, and out came these beautiful balloons, four of them, two stars and two hearts, in my favourite colours. It was perfect. I smiled like a cheshire cat for the rest of the day. The balloons were lovely, but what helped me even more was that I knew Jessica was thinking of me. 

After the horrendous time in July, and a vital operation being cancelled, I was feeling pretty low. Then my unique star from SAS arrived, with the following poem: 
Lucy Star
From all the stars that line the sky
There is only one Lucy Star that shines so high
With strength and magnitude that others know not
The Lucy Star continues to sparkle a lot
She has touched faces with those she admires 
From Jessie J and Ed Sheeran too
This Star was made just for you
To give you courage when times are grey 
To be with you come what may
Shining brightly for all to see
The Lucy Star comes to you from me
It brightened my day and I knew, yet again, that Jessica had been thinking of me. Do you know how comforting that is? It makes a huge difference when you’re feeling down to know there are people who care about you. I love my star and am so grateful to Jessica and her family. 
Me with my star
Share a Star was founded from Jessica’s hospital bed in October 2010 and has helped 120 Stars so far, with 100 Stars currently being supported by the charity. If you know someone who would benefit from Share a Star, don’t hesitate in referring them. Their lives too will be brightened but this wonderful charity. 

Have any spare change, or looking for a charity to fundraise for? One that will make a difference to the lives of children and young adults? Look no further than Share a Star. By supporting this charity you will be directly enhancing the lives of these children and young people up to the age of 21. Share a Star is a non-profit charity, so money goes directly to pay for gifts and special treats for the Stars they support. They need your support to make this difference. Like them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShareAStarCharity, follow them on Twitter @shareastar and go to shareaster.org to learn more about their work and to donate. Thank you. 

About Lucy Watts MBE

Lucy is a 24 year old young adult with a complex and life-limiting condition. Lucy writes, speaks, appears in videos and in the media, proof reads, reviews grant applications and other work for various charities, and works with numerous charities on a long-term basis. Lucy was appointed MBE in the 2016 New Years Honours for services to young people with disabilities, which she received at 22 years old. Lucy views her life as "glass always full" and appreciates all she has. Lucy has her Assistance Dog Molly, whom she trained with help from the charity Dog A.I.D. Lucy and Molly do all they can to raise awareness of Assistance Dogs and of the charity, Dog A.I.D.
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