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Friday, 7 November 2014

My Boy Poem

I look out of my window
And stare up at the sky
I wonder if you’re up there
Oh sweet old dog of mine

In blew just one white feather
A sign as if to say
Never fear, for I am here
I never went away

From my boy a whisper
Brought in with the breeze
He talks to me so softly
His presence makes me freeze

When you think of me, he says
I want you not to cry
I want you to be happy, for
I never said goodbye

I think of all the happy times
The joy he brought to me
He never failed to make me laugh
We lived so happily

He continues, when your time should come, 
And you will meet your end
I want you not to worry
For I will be there, friend

Death is not the end of life
But the start of some life new
It gives us all a chance to be
Together through and through

So think of me my lovely
And of the love we share
We’ll go to the light together
Passed people will be there

Full of love and laughter
Of everyone we knew
But most importantly of all
Together me and you

Then, my boy he leaves again
He says he must depart
The wind of him whips through the trees
But still he’s in my heart

His words they give me comfort
Evaporating my fear
Cause I know that when I need him 
He’ll always be right here

© Lucy Watts 2014

My boy Ben, who passed away on 28th February 2013

About Lucy Watts MBE

Lucy is a disabled 22 year old young lady with life-limiting complications of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She writes and speaks for a number of charities and runs this blog. She is an Ambassador for Together for Short Lives and Dreams Come True, Trustee for the Pseudo Obstruction Research Trust and is the first Youth Ambassador for the International Children's Palliative Care Network, also working with charities such as Scope and the Council for Disabled Children as well as Association for Young People's Health via the Young People's Health Partnership, the Children's Health and Wellbeing Forum and the Children and Young People's Health Outcomes Forum. Lucy was appointed MBE in the Queen's New Year Honours 2016 for her Services to Young People with Disabilities.
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