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About the blog

This blog was started as an outlet for my feelings and experiences and raising awareness of problems I, and others like me, face. I am slowly educating my ever-increasing number of followers about issues  including the problems the chronically ill, life limited and disabled face, different conditions, health and disability, healthcare (both inpatient and in the community), hospice and palliative care and the transition period (transferring from children's services to adult's services). 

The blog was originally called Overcoming Obstacles but as it moved from just my own thoughts and feelings to a wide range of issues and health conditions, I felt Lucy's Light - in line with my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/lucyslightuk) - was a better and more all-encompassing name for the blog. I tied in the name change with a revamp of the blog which is ongoing so if some pages aren't ready or some pieces/arrangement of the blog keeps changing please bear with me. I'm getting there. 

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