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  1. I tried to send a message but it didn't work, so:

    I have just read your story & it sounds a lot like me (but you are more severely effected) and the all too similar failings of the medical professionals! I have seen Rodney grehame, Prof Mathias & are going to see Aziz soon. I have also seen Khullr for my chronic kidney infection- I am sure this is what makes me feel so ill! Is your chronic infection just your bladder or is it in your kidney too? I am raising money for a more comfortable wheelchair & private healthcare (the only way I can see the right people without wasting time waiting for available appointments I can manage to get to). I know what your life must be like & it sucks, well done for you & your mum trying your hardest to get the best help possible, I know how hard you have to push! >.< I am glad your dog brings you happiness- it is cute! In case you are interested my website is: http://sammyarmstrong.jimdo.com

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Just tried sending you a message, but there is something up with the send button :(

    I see you would like some photographic advise on how to develop your photo skills.

    Love to help if I can, email me @ info@jdphoto.biz

    Regards John

  3. Just wanted to say that on your homepage it doesn't show the dates of posts but instead shows the time posted- not sure if you can change that but wanted to make you aware :)


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