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How You Can Help

How You Can Help Me

These are some suggestions of ways you can help me to make a difference, raise awareness, to give my life purpose and raise funds for my chosen charity/charities. If you have an idea not listed below, email me here with your suggestions or to ask me anything

> Follow me on social media

> Like/share/tweet my blog posts, website, post/tweets and photos and videos

And stay active by interacting (liking/commenting/sharing) to continue seeing posts

> Donate towards me getting a new wheelchair which will change my life for the better

Go to the GoFundMe link to find out more and see photos and read more about me, my work and why I need this chair - www.gofundme.com/lucyschairappeal 

Please also share the link and consider organising a fundraising event or do a challenge in aid of my wheelchair appeal. 

Thank you!

> Raise money for Dog A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability)

They train pet dogs to become assistance dogs and rely solely on donations. Their work changes lives by empowering disabled people who own a dog to train their own pet up to the level qualification and registration of assistance dog status. They are training me to train Molly to become my assistance dog. 

Go to their website to find out more - www.dogaid.org.uk 

> Help me raise funds for the 
Pseudo Obstruction Research Trust (PORT) 

* Make a donation to PORT (via my Virgin account here) or by cheque made payable to the Pseudo Obstruction Research Trust which I can pass on

* Nominate PORT to be your company/workplace's charity of the year

* Hold a dress down day at work or at school to raise money

* Sign up to do a sponsored event such as The London Marathon or a dryathlon or jump out of a plane

* Sign up for this year's Colourthon (Southend) www.colourthon.org as part of Team PORT or come to the charity's annual ball 

* Hold a cake sale, fun day or other fundraising event

* Auction/sell items in aid of PORT or donate items to be auctioned at their ball

* Ask for donations instead of birthday/wedding gifts

* Anything else you can think of! It will all be gratefully received

Go to their website for more 

You can make donations via via my Virgin account here or if you're going to raise funds for PORT why not set up your own Virgin Money Giving page so you have your own sponsor page?

> We will soon be fundraising for a new wheelchair for me to make me more comfortable, independent and to enable me to get out of bed for longer than I do now, go out more often, press on with Molly's assistance dog training with Dog A.I.D. and do more training sessions and get out and about more regularly than I can now so we progress up the levels and eventually reach qualification, attend more events and conferences, give more speeches, do more media work and make an even bigger difference

The chair I need is the Permobil F5 Corpus VS which will be custom built to meet my needs
> Raise funds for Dog A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability) who are helping me to train Molly to become my assistance dog

Read more about them on their website http://www.dogaid.org.uk

> Help me complete things from my Wish List

I have a list of wishes (a bucket list) that I would love to complete and would be extremely grateful for any help in achieving these dreams/goals/wishes.Go to my Wish List here or read our appeal here

* Especially having the house adapted, we desperately need the house adapted to suit my ever increasing needs as our bungalow is not fully accessible (I can't get into the kitchen for example), I have no privacy, and my needs are exceeding a) the house in its current form and b) how much money we have to resolve this (which is none). I need a hoist but we don't have the support for a ceiling hoist or space for a manual hoist, I need a much bigger bedroom with space for a bed for mum/a friend/carer as mum currently sleeps on the floor, I need a sterile medical preparation area in my bedroom with room for a huge (5ft+) medical fridge, sink, cupboards for my enormous amount of medical supplies and a worktop, I need a ceiling hoist, enough space to get both sides of my bed in my wheelchair with my legs elevated and a large number of plug sockets at a level I can reach from my wheelchair or bed, I'd like to be overlooking the garden and to have double doors leading out onto the decking so that my bed can be wheeled out onto the decking when I am too poorly to sit up and so I can see Molly running around in the garden and see the wildlife (especially butterflies, which I love). 
We need the whole house to be accessible to me not only for a normal wheelchair, I have to have my legs raised (and I'm 6ft1) so I need space to get around with my legs elevated - widened doors and space to turn around at least. My sister needs a bedroom and lounge so she can have her own space when the carers/nurses are here, and in the lounge area to have a sofa bed so that carers/visitors can sleep. We also need our drive redone as once someone parks on our drive I am unable to get into the street (to walk my dog Molly, for example). Plus we need room to store 3 wheelchairs. We've had the wetroom done and 2 doors widened by the council but they refuse to allow me access into the kitchen as I don't eat and I have carers and won't give me the accessibility and privacy and "sanctuary" I need. 
If you know anyone who can help us with this, donate their time or materials or even funds, we would be eternally grateful. 

If you have an idea not listed above, email me here with your suggestions or to ask me about an idea or suggestion

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