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Lucy’s Light – new blog for a new stage of my life

I’ve decided to start a new blog to share my personal journey and experiences at a difficult time in our lives. You can find it at:

The reason for this new blog is a recent change in my health. My life has changed a lot since September 2020, with a huge decline in my condition and a rapid escalation of the complications. A complete rethink of my life has been necessary and I’ve been struggling to function. I am possibly facing the end of the road with my conditions and complications as we are struggling to find ways to manage or treat them. It’s this change in circumstance that inspired me to start a new blog with a very different purpose. This new blog will be a candid, open, frank and emotive blog that will contain life, love, loss, laughter, brutal honesty, joy, fun and contentment, as well as sadness, frustration, anger, grief and everything in between. It will be real. It will be many things depending on how life pans out. It won’t be polished or perfect – which the perfectionist in me finds hard – but with my health declining, my energy failing, my productivity down to almost nil and my symptoms being overwhelming (near constant fevers is not conducive to cognitive function), I don’t have the cognitive capacity to care about it being perfect right now. It’s real, it may be messy, it may go off on tangents and not make sense, but I want to write, I need some outlet, and by god if something good can come of that then it’s worth sharing. It will be what it’ll be. I just hope it’ll be useful, that each reader takes something from this new blog – and possibly vlogs if I ever feel up to that – as people have done for my blog on this website since 2012. This website will remain as will this blog, but this website has become very work/business focussed and I want to keep it that way.

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