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Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

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How can I help you?

I’m Lucy Watts MBE, founder of Lucy Watts Ltd and manager of our various services.

Take a look around the site and let us know how we can help you.

Maybe you’re looking for Independent Advocacy or Independent Support Brokerage?

Maybe you would like some consultancy in one of the areas in which we have expertise?

Maybe you’re interested in our training and upcoming e-learning activities?

Whatever you’d like help with, I am sure we can find a way to help you. Don’t hesitate to send us an email on the contact form.

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Are you an individual with a disability or health condition, or a carer or family member, who is struggling to get access to the care, support and/or services you need, are struggling to be heard in meetings and assessments, and/or are not having your rights fulfilled?

Might accessing Independent Advocacy be of benefit to you?

Are you looking for someone to help you map out your care, support, goals and outcomes for your life? Needing help to create your care plan, identify services and support, seek funding and/or work out what you want to do and how you can achieve that?

Maybe Independent Support Brokerage is what you are seeking?

Are you a professional wanting to access our services around co-production and group facilitation, consultancy, training, presenting and speaking or involvement in your work?

Do get in touch and see how we can help you, even if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site.

Finally, are you someone who is just seeking information and guidance, education or training, or simply wants to find out more about our company and Lucy’s work?

Take a look around and let us know how we can help you.


Support Brokerage

Independent Advocacy





Group Facilitation

Strategic Planning

About Lucy

Lucy is a light of our times: a teacher, a nurturer, a leader and an innovator. In her late twenties and living with a life-shortening illness that means she’s been defying her prognosis for at least a decade, and that she is among some of the most complex patients managed in the community – a trailblazer for those with similar levels of complexity – Lucy is living a life she never thought she’d be able to; not least because she shouldn’t still be here.

She’s an entrepreneur, running Lucy Watts Ltd and also setting up her new business Lived Experience Learning, as well as working for a variety of clients on a self-employed basis. On any one day you may find her providing Independent Advocacy to a client, fighting for their rights to be fulfilled; developing support plans and care packages as an Independent Support Broker; providing consultancy to organisations and businesses to improve their service(s), client support, accessibility, governance or engagement; facilitating co-production groups and research activities; delivering training to health and care professionals; speaking at events and meetings; advising governmental and non-departmental bodies; and more.

Lucy devotes her life to empowering and supporting others, enabling unheard voices to reach decision-making tables, shining a light on those who often have little visibility or understanding, and ensuring people have the support they need to live full and enjoyable lives. She also devotes her life to helping society to improve the lives of people with various forms of “lived experience”, especially people with disabilities, complex health conditions and those needing palliative care. From national work including on transition and on personalised care, to international work on palliative care and universal health coverage, Lucy’s reach is broad – from one-to-one support on an individual basis, up to influencing the Director-General of the World Health Organisation. She also acts as a role model to many – showing that a full and meaningful life is possible, regardless of the barriers people may face.

She’s rarely encountered without her Assistance Dog Molly, a Cocker Spaniel who is as much a workaholic as her owner.

Independent Advocacy

I offer Independent Advocacy to individuals with complex health needs, disabilities, long-term conditions and other needs or impairments, as well as to parents/families.

My particular areas of expertise are in the following areas:

  • NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC)
  • NHS Children’s Continuing Care (NHS CC)
  • Personal Health Budgets
  • Care Act Advocacy
  • NHS Complaints and Appeals
  • General Healthcare/Patient Advocacy
  • Adult Advocacy
  • Advocacy to Support The Transition to Adulthood
  • Benefits-Related Advocacy and Support
  • Education, Health and Care Plans where complex medical needs are the main issue.


Click the button to be taken to the Advocacy page to find out more.

Care Package Brokerage

I offer Personal Health Budget (PHB) Brokerage to support clients through the NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) and PHB process and/or to support reviews and reconfiguring of the package to meet changing needs. This is a paid service that can be commissioned by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – or a local authority in the case of joint funding – or purchased privately or from an existing care package if the CCG are unable to commission my services directly.

I support the individual through the process, work with them and the CCG and their professionals to develop the personalised care and support plan, including sourcing providers, training and costing up the support. This is then submitted to the CCG. I can also help with early recruitment once the package is signed off.

This is done almost completely remotely unless the client is within travelling distance, with everything conducted via video and phone calls, emails and messages.

Click the button below to access the brokerage page. 

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About Lucy Watts Ltd

Lucy Watts MBE is the Founder and CEO of Lucy Watts Ltd.

Lucy Watts Ltd is a multi-faceted company with four main strands:

  • Patient-Facing Services, including Independent Advocacy and Brokerage, with support offered directly to patients and family members, as well as to CCGs and Local Authorities and to charities with advocacy, care provision or other support services, and this also includes patient empowerment and educational workshops, online training, peer mentoring and care navigation support;
  • Support, Advisory and Public-Facing Services, including consultancy, public speaking, workshop facilitation, media activities, committee/board membership, co-production services, governance support and support with quality improvement, audits and innovation;
  • Educational, Informational and Training Services which includes training services, workshops, webinars, consultancy, public speaking and presentations, bespoke packages of support and online/e-learning courses;
  • Other Miscellaneous Services, including copywriting services, media commentating and digital marketing.

The company crosses health and social care, training services, e-learning, individual services, personal development, information services, writing and editing and social entrepreneurship.

“The only recognition I seek is that, when I come to the end of my life, I know that I made a difference and contributed something to society.

I also want people to look upon my life as ‘a life well lived’.”

~ Lucy Watts MBE MUniv FRSA

TEDx Speaker

TEDxNHS 2019

Lucy Watts MBE, MUniv, FRSA
One Sentence That Transformed My Life

Want To Contact Lucy?

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