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Sleep tight Molly Dog (18/01/2013 – 06/10/2022)

18/01/2013 - 06/10/2022

We’ve got some really sad news to share with you. 

Our beautiful, beloved Molly Dog went to sleep one last time Thursday (06/10/22) at 18.00.  

Molly developed an extremely rare autoimmune inflammatory neurological disorder in August, and sadly the steroids and immune suppressants failed to provide benefit. Molly was relatively stable initially, with facial paralysis, minor deficits of her vision, balance, muscle strength and coordination, and we hoped the medication would lead to improvement. She continued with a very gradual decline, but the last few weeks she was noticeably deteriorating and sadly there was nothing that could be done, both her vet and the specialist vets at Smithfield’s who saw her Tuesday said it was as good as it’ll get and to carry on and just be led by Molly. Unfortunately by Wednesday night Molly had deteriorated rapidly and Thursday morning we organised for a vet to come and put her to sleep at home that afternoon. Molly was given the first injection of a sedative and laid on the bed with me and mum, being stroked, kissed, cuddled and told how loved she is, as she relaxed and fell into a deeper and deeper sleep, and then she was turned so the vet could give the second drug, and before he even finished injecting the drug, Molly was gone.

As heartbroken as we are to lose her, and as lost as we feel without her, she had given so much to us, she owed us absolutely nothing, and I wasn’t going to let my precious baby girl suffer when it was entirely unnecessary and avoidable. They say the hardest decision and the right decision are often the same, but to be honest, Molly made that decision anyway; when she gazed into my eyes as she always did, I could see that she was telling me she was tired and ready to go. It was time. 

Molly was one of a kind, and truly irreplaceable. She transformed my life in many inconceivable ways; all that I am, the person I’ve become, the life I’ve been able to lead, and all that I’ve achieved and accomplished, is down to her. I feel lost without her. Our home is quiet and empty, the light of our lives is gone. 

Molly touched the lives of so many people. She delighted everyone who came to know her, attracted attention wherever we went, and brought love, light, joy and laughter to thousands of people, the world over. I know her loss will be felt by many people, and just as her life brought great joy, this news of her death will bring great sadness. We hope you will mourn her loss, but even more than that, you will celebrate her life, honour and remember the extraordinary, remarkable, one of a kind ‘person’ that she was. There’s only one Molly Dog. 

We would love for people to share their memories of Molly with us, and we know many of you will want to give your condolences. We’ve set up an email for you to be able to send any messages, condolences and to share your memories of Molly with us, so you can do this by emailing us at:


18/01/2013 – 06/10/2022 

Beloved pet, devoted Assistance Dog, Friend for Life. 

“You Were The Best” (author unknown) 

You’ve lost your pet, your closest friend

Forever faithful to the end

Always there whenever you’d call

she lived for you, she’d give her all

She’s out of pain, it’s true, but yet

The pain’s now yours, for your lost pet

So remember now the happy days

She gave you in so many ways

And as you lay her to her rest

Just say to her 

“You were the best”. 

Sleep tight our beautiful girl. You truly were the best. 


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